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Generic, Short and descriptive domain names are a great way of promoting your business online and in offline advertising.

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A generic domain name can bring instant credibility to your company, clients will know exactly what you offer, and owning the best name in your business area is a great way of gaining an edge over your competitors.

Generic, short and brandable names are also great when used in advertising, marketing and in CPC campaigns, having a domain name that shows exactly what your business offers is not only catching to the eye, but quickly shows customers what you have to offer.

We are a full Nominet member and registrar which provides us a direct access to the transfer of domain names; meaning that once a deal is agreed and funds are transfered or put in to escrow we are able to quickly get the domain name transfered over to you.

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When dealing with the sales of our domains we are happy to use to manage the domain transfer and payments made when purchasing the domain. has handled over £650 million in transactions. It works by you making your payment to, they will then hold your payment until they get confirmation that you have taken ownership of the domain name. To find out more information about and the domain transfer process click here.

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